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  Exceptional: will usually include tableside preparation

       Outstanding: definitely worth an extra trip  

            Good: a fine meal; leaves you satisfied  

                  Pass: take it or leave it; not too memorable

                       Eh: you don't care to finish it

                   ...a bomb: send it back!







April 23, 2001:

  June 4, 2001:


4838 Bethesda Avenue    

Bethesda, MD  20814




I was first attracted to CENTRO for their Caesar's Salad when I read it was eggless.  "Hmmm", I thought, and I went in.  It was lunch, so I debated having a glass of wine; the wine won the debate, and a glass of Belmondo Pinot Grigio joined me :)

The atmosphere was open and airy; contemporary, art deco was the style.  Ceilings were high, and the front doors opened up to the sidewalk, where additional tables were set.  White linen tablecloths and individual pepper mills adorned each table.  In the back of the restaurant was an "open kitchen" for all to view.  

The Caesar's Salad came out with 2 slices of herbed French bread.  As in the traditional recipe, only the heart of romaine leaves was used.  The dressing coated the leaves just right, and the flavor was amazing - even without the egg!  With shavings of parmesan cheese topping it off, the complete experience was balanced, fresh and flavorful.  The only thing missing was the tableside service.  I left so pleased!

I  had been talking about this salad so much, my boyfriend insisted on going back.  So there we were, on a warm Monday night, waiting for "the best Caesar Salad I'd had in a long time"....and eggless too!  

The missing egg could've landed on my face!  The salad was completely unappetizing, and I was so embarrassed; I didn't even finish it.  We decided to question the host, who went into the kitchen for information.  Moments later he came over and apologized.  Apparently,  it had been a "very busy weekend", and they were out of some of their ingredients.  Well - they shouldn't have even offered it now, should've they....  Would you offer and serve a seafood crepe and then stuff it with mushrooms when you run out of seafood?  

We got a free dessert out of it....and I learned another lesson...

Now I am debating going back a third time: two out of three attempts should uncover the "true Caesar Salad"...

-   LL       






Restaurant Reviews


       Exceptional  -  will usually include tableside preparation

           Outstanding - definitely worth an extra trip

               Good - a fine meal; leaves you satisfied

                   Pass - take it or leave it; not too memorable

                      "eh..." - could barely finish it 

                   ...a bomb - send it back!






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